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Oxford Handbook of Anglican Studies (Mark D Chapman) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780198783022
Oxford Handbook of Anglican Studies (Mark D Chapman) Paperback Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780198783022
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Title: Oxford Handbook of Anglican Studies

Author: Chapman, Mark D

Additional Authors or Contributors: Sathianathan Clarke, Ian T. Douglas, Martyn Percy (eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2018

Paperback; ISBN: 9780198783022

Volumes: 1; Pages: 584

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The Anglican Communion is the third largest Christian denomination and claims a membership of some 80 million members in about 164 countries. Given that there are only around two hundred countries in the world, this makes the churches of the Anglican Communion the most geographically widespread denomination after Roman Catholicism. The 44 essays in this volume embrace a wide range of academic disciplines: theological; historical; demography and geography; and different aspects of culture and ethics. They are united in their discussion of what is effectively a new inter-disciplinary subject which we have termed "Anglican Studies." At the core of this volume is the phenomenon of "Anglicanism" as this is expressed in different places and in a variety of ways across the world.

This Handbook covers a far broader set of topics from a wider range of perspectives than has been hitherto attempted in Anglican Studies. At the same time, it doesn't impose a particular theological or historical agenda. The contributions are drawn from across the spectrum of theological views and opinions. It shows that the unsettled nature of the polity is part of its own rich history; and many will see this as a somewhat lustrous tradition. In its comprehensive coverage, this volume is a valuable contribution to Anglican Studies and helps formulate a discipline that might perhaps promote dialogue and discussion across the Anglican world.

Table of Contents

List of Contributors


Part I: Historiography

1. 'Anglicanism' before the Reformation, Bruce Kaye

2. The Reformation in Anglicanism, Alec Ryrie

3. Anglican Conciliarism: the Lambeth Conference as an Instrument of Communion, Paul Avis

4. Mission in the Anglican Communion, Kevin Ward

5. Identities and Parties, Andrew Atherstone

6. Varieties of Missionary Bishop, Mark D. Chapman

Part II: The Methods and Styles of Anglicanism

7. Anglicanism and the Fathers, Andrew McGowan

8. Prayer Book Use and Conformity, Paul Avis

9. Anglican Wisdom, Jenny Gaffin

10. Anglican Spirituality, Anne Loades

11. Anglican Aesthetics, Kenneth Stevenson

12. Considering Hermeneutics, Method, and Cultural Diversity in Anglican and Episcopal Contexts, Marion Grau

Part III: The Contextualization of Anglicanism

13. Anglicanism and the North American Revolutions, Robert Bruce Mullin

14. 'Home Away From Home': Displacement, Identity, and Anglican Ecclesiology in Australasia, Stephen Pickard

15. Sri Lanka, Marc Billimoria

16. West Africa, Victor Reginald Atta-Baffoe

17. 'God Has Come Amongst Us Slowly and We Didn't Realise It!' The Transformation of Anglican Missionary Heritage in Sudan, Andrew C. Wheeler

18. Sheng Kung Hui: The Contextualization of Anglicanism in Hong Kong, Philip L. Wickeri and Paul Kwong

19. The Geography of Anglicanism, Dan O'Connor

Part IV: Anglican Identities

20. Establishment, Grace Davie

21. Charismatic renewal, Miranda K. Hassett

22. Anglicanism and Pan-Evangelicalism, Alister E. McGrath

23. Indigenous Peoples: A Case Study on Being a Twenty-first Century Maori Anglican, Jenny Te Paa-Daniel

24. Ecumenism and Post-Anglicanism, Sathianathan Clarke

Part V: Crises and Controversies

25. The Bible, Gerald O. West

26. Politics, Thabo Makgoba

27. Doctrine, Paula D. Nesbitt

28. Gender, Kathryn Tanner

29. Sexuality and Communion, Andrew Goddard

30. The challenge of other religions, Clare Amos and Michael Ipgrave

Part VI: The Practice of Anglican Life

31. Episcopalians and Leadership, Sarah Rowand Jones

32. Ecumenism, Charlotte Methuen

33. Congregational Life, Robin Gill

34. Context, Character, and Challenges: The Shaping of Ordination Training, Martyn Percy

35. Mission, Cathy Ross

36. Prayer, Phyllis Tickle

37. Canon Law, Norman Doe

Part VII: The Futures of Anglicanism

38. Race, Spirituality, and Reconciliation, Michael Battle

39. Moving the Anglican Communion: Ethics and Ecclesiology in an Age of Migration, Susanna Snyder

40. Biblical Hermeneutics in the Context of 'Post-Anglicanism': Beyond Pax Anglicana, Micah Eun-Kya Kim

41. Anglican Relations with Islam, Michael Nazir-Ali

42. Authority, Theology, and Power, Janet Trisk

43. Anglican Way or Ways?, Terry M. Brown

44. Anglican Interpretations of Scripture: Can Scriptural Reasoning Provide a Way Forward?, A. Katherine Grieb

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