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Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual (Risto Uro) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780198747871
Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual (Risto Uro) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2018) 9780198747871
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Title: Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual

Author: Uro, Risto

Additional Authors or Contributors: Juliette J. Day, Richard E. DeMaris, Rikard Roitto (eds)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2018

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780198747871

Volumes: 1; Pages: 752

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Scholars of religion have long assumed that ritual and belief constitute the fundamental building blocks of religious traditions and that these two components of religion are interrelated and interdependent in significant ways. Generations of New Testament and Early Christian scholars have produced detailed analyses of the belief systems of nascent Christian communities, including their ideological and political dimensions, but have by and large ignored ritual as an important element of early Christian religion and as a factor contributing to the rise and the organization of the movement. In recent years, however, scholars of early Christianity have begun to use ritual as an analytical tool for describing and explaining Christian origins and the early history of the movement. Such a development has created a momentum toward producing a more comprehensive volume on the ritual world of Early Christianity employing advances made in the field of Ritual Studies. The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Ritual will give a manifold account of the ritual world of early Christianity from the beginning of the movement up to the end of the sixth century. The volume introduces relevant theories and approaches; central topics of ritual life in the cultural world of early Christianity; and important Christian ritual themes and practices in emerging Christian groups and factions.

Table of Contents

Part I Ritual Theory

1. Introduction: Ritual in the Study of Early Christianity, Risto Uro

2. Ritualization and Ritual Invention, Barry Stephenson

3. Ritual as Action, Performance, and Practice, Barry Stephenson

4. Ritual, Identity, and Emotion, Douglas J Davies

5. Ritual and Embodied Cognition, Eva Kundtova Klocova and Armin W. Geertz

6. Ritual and Cooperation, Joseph Bulbulia

4. Ritual and Transmission, Istvan Czachesz

Part II Ritual in the Ancient Mediterranean World

8. Ancient Sanctuaries, Rubina Raja

9. Associations, Guilds, Clubs, John S. Kloppenborg

10. Household and Family, Fanny Dolansky

11. Magic, Istvan Czachesz

12. Communal Meals, Richard S. Ascough

13. Purification, Thomas Kazen

14. Prayer, David E. Aune

15. Music, Jade B. Weimer

16. Sacrifice and Votives, Daniel Ullucci

17. Pilgrimage and Festivals, Laura Feldt

18. Divination, Martti Nissinen

19. Initiation, Luther H. Martin

20. Mortuary Rituals, Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme

21. Ritual and Texts, Anders Klostergaard Petersen

Part III Ritual in Nascent Christianity

22. Water Ritual, David DeMaris

23. Meal Practices, Vojtech Kase

24. Rituals and Reintegration, Rikard Roitto

25. Ritual and Healing, Gerd Theissen

26. Sacrificial Practice and Language, Christian A. Eberhart

27. Ritual and Religious Experience, Colleen Shantz

28. Ritual and Emerging Church Hierarchy, Susan E. Hylen

29. Ritual and Orthodoxy, Peme Perkins

Part IV Ritual in the Ancient Church

30. Christian Initiation: Paul F. Bradshaw

31. Eucharistic Practices, Lizette Larson-Miller

32. Ritualizing Time, Juliette J Day

33. Early Christian Prayer, L. Edward Phillips

34. Ritual and Early Christian Art, Robin M. Jensen

35. Hymns and Psalmody, Angela Kim Harkins and Brian P. Dunkle, SJ

36. Wedding Rituals and Episcopal Power, David G. Hunter

37. Women's Rituals and Women's Ritualizing, Juliette J. Day

38. Fasting as an Ascetic Ritual. Richard Finn, OP

39. The Cult of the Saints, David L Eastman

40. Ritual and the Christianization of Urban Space, Jacob A. Latham

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