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Oxford Handbook of Papyrology (Roger S Bagnall (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2009) 9780195178388
Oxford Handbook of Papyrology (Roger S Bagnall (ed)) Hardcover Book, (Oxford University Press, 2009) 9780195178388
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Title: The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology

Author: Bagnall, Roger S (ed)

Publisher: Oxford University Press; Publication Date: 2009

Hardcover; ISBN: 9780195178388

Volumes: 1; Pages: 712

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Thousands of texts, written over a period of three thousand years on papyri and potsherds, in Egyptian, Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, Persian, and other languages, have transformed our knowledge of many aspects of life in the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds. The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology provides an introduction to the world of these ancient documents and literary texts, ranging from the raw materials of writing to the languages used, from the history of papyrology to its future, and from practical help in reading papyri to frank opinions about the nature of the work of papyrologists. This volume, the first major reference work on papyrology written in English, takes account of the important changes experienced by the discipline within especially the last thirty years.Including new work by twenty-seven international experts and more than one hundred illustrations, The Oxford Handbook of Papyrology will serve as an invaluable guide to the subject. Table of ContentsIntroduction,, Roger S. BagnallUseful Web sites1. Writing Materials in the Ancient World,, Adam Bulow-Jacobsen2. The Finds of Papyri, Helene Cuvigny3. The History of the Discipline,, James G. Keenan4. Conservation of Ancient Papyrus Materials, Jaakko Fr�s�n5. Greek and Latin Writing in the Papyri,, Guglielmo Cavallo6. The Greek and Latin Languages in the Papyri, Eleanor Dickey7. Abbreviations and Symbols,, Nikolaos Gonis8. Practical Help, Roger S. Bagnall9. Editing a Papyrus,, Paul Schubert10. Archives and Dossiers, Katelijn Vandorpe11. The Ancient Book,, William A. Johnson12. Papyrology and Ancient Literature, Timothy T. Renner13. The Special Case of Herculaneum, David Sider14. Education in the Papyri, Raffaella Cribiore15. Mathematics, Science and Medicine in the Papyri,, Alexander Jones16. The Range of Documentary Texts, Bernhard Palme17. The Multilingual Environment of Persian and Ptolemaic Egypt,, Dorothy J. Thompson18. The Multilingual Environment of Late Antique Egypt, Jean-Luc Fournet19. Arabic Papyri and Islamic Egypt,, Petra M. Sijpesteijn20. The Papyrology of the Near East, Jean Gascou21. Writing Histories from the Papyri,, Todd M. Hickey22. Geography and Administration in Egypt,, Maria Rosaria Falivene23. Law in Greco-Roman Egypt,, Uri Yiftach-Firanko24. Egyptian Religion and Magic in the Papyri, Willy Clarysse25. Christianity in the Papyri,, David G. Martinez26. Manichaeism and Gnosticism in the Papyri, Cornelia Rnuller27. The Future of Papyrology,, Peter van MinnenList of figures
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