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* Authenticating the Words of Jesus (Bruce Chilton) Paperback Book, (Brill, 2002) 9780391041639
* Authenticating the Words of Jesus (Bruce Chilton) Paperback Book, (Brill, 2002) 9780391041639
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Title: * Authenticating the Words of Jesus

Author: Chilton, Bruce

Additional Authors or Contributors: Craig A Evans (eds)

Publisher: Brill; Publication Date: 2002

Paperback; ISBN: 9780391041639

Volumes: 1; Pages: xvi, 480

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Jesus research is a difficult task because of the number of primary source materials and their complexities. These complexities involve problems that arise from imperfect preservation of sources, uncertain literary relationships among the documents themselves, and even less certain knowledge of their respective provenances. Jesus research inevitably involves reaching behind the extant sources, inferring from what lies before us the nature of the material upon which the evangelists drew. This volume reviews the criteria, assumptions, and methods involved in critical Jesus research. Its purpose is to clarify the procedures necessary to distinguish tradition that stems from Jesus from tradition and interpretation that stem from later tradents and evangelists, and to inquire into the various forces and situations that led to the emergence of the tradition as we have it.


Preface ix

Abbreviations xi

Contributors xv


Authenticating the Words of Jesus

Craig A. Evans

Assessing Progress in the Third Quest

Bruce D. Chilton

Criteria for Assessing the Authentic Words of Jesus: Some Specifications

Bruce J. Malina

Doubts about Double Dissimilarity: Restructuring the Main Criterion of Jesus-of-History Research

Tom Holmen

How Jesus Charged Language with Meaning: A Study in Rhetoric

Ben F. Meyer

The Implications of Textual Variants for Authenticating the Words of Jesus

Stanley E. Porter

Matthew Brook O'Donnell


The Lord's Prayer in Social Perspective

Douglas E. Oakman

The Lord's Prayer: Second Thoughts on the First Petition

Norman Metzler

The Silence of Jesus: The Galilean Rabbi Who was More than a Prophet

Eckhard J. Schnabel

(The) Son of (the) Man, and Jesus

Bruce Chilton

Q 12:51-53 and Mark 9:11-13 and the Messianic Woes

Dale C. Allison, Jr.

Jesus: A Glutton and Drunkard

Howard Clark Kee

Questioning and Discernment in Gospel Discourse: Communicative Strategy in Matthew 11:2-9

J. Ian H. McDonald

Public Declaration or Final Judgment? Matthew 10:26-27 = Luke 12:2-3 as a Case of Creative Redaction

Scot Mcknight

The Authenticity of the Command: "Love Your Enemies"

William Klassen

The Authenticity of the Parable of the Warring King: A Response to the Jesus Seminar

Charles L. Quarles

The Sayings of Jesus in the Letter of James

Wesley Hiram Wachob

Luke Timothy Johnson

Index of Biblical Literature

Index of Modern Authors

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