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* William Robertson Smith: Essays in Reassessment (William Johnstone) Hardcover Book, (T & T Clark, 1995) 9781850755234
* William Robertson Smith: Essays in Reassessment (William Johnstone) Hardcover Book, (T & T Clark, 1995) 9781850755234
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Title: * William Robertson Smith: Essays in Reassessment

Author: Johnstone, William

Publisher: T & T Clark; Publication Date: 1995

Hardcover; ISBN: 9781850755234

Volumes: 1; Pages: 408

List Price in Hardcover: $116.00 Our price: $8.00

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The centenary of the death of William Robertson Smith fell on 31 March 1994. Smith was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis at the Free Church College, Aberdeen, Editor of the ninth edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Librarian to the University of Cambridge and, finally, Professor of Arabic there. His written work includes the renowned The Religion of the Semites. The achievements of this remarkable scholar in many fields of academic endeavour was commemorated and evaluated at an international and interdisciplinary congress held in the University of Aberdeen, Scotland in April 1994. The essays presented here cover the following topics: the late ninteenth century context of Smith's life and work; his international connections and influence; his work as biblical scholar, encyclopaedist, social anthropologist, Arabist and orientalist.




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Section A. William Robertson Smith's life and Work in its Late-Nineteenth-Century Context

Alec C Cheyne / Bible and Confession in Scotland: The Background to the Robertson Smith Case

Donald J Witherspoon / The School in the Free Church Manse at Keig

John Morrison / William Robertson Smith and the Academy of Old Deer

Alastair G. Hunter / The Indemnity: William Robertson Smith and George Adam Smith

R. Tomes / Samuel Davidson and William Robertson Smith: Parallel Cases?

Judith B. Shiel / William Robertson Smith in the Nineteenth Century in the Light of his Correspondence

Richard A. Riesen / Scholarship and Piety: The Sermons of William Robertson Smith

Malcolm A. Kinnear / William Robertson Smith and the Death of Christ

Andrew F. Walls / William Robertson Smith and the Missionary Movement

Gillian M. Bediako / To Capture the Modern Universe of Thought: Religion of the Semites as an attempt at a Christian Comparative Religion

Section B. William Robertson Smith as Biblical Scholar

John W. Rogerson / W. R. Smith's The Old Testament in the Jewish Church: Its Antecedents. Its Influence and Its Abiding Value

Robert P. Carroll / The Biblical Prophets as Apologists for the Christian Religion: Reading William Robertson Smith's The Prophets of Israel Today

Meir Lubetski / W. R. Smith's 'ehyeh 'aser 'ehyeh: Five Score Years and Eighteen

Judith M Hadley / William Robertson Smith and the 'asherah'

Keith W. Whitelam / William Robertson Smith and the so-called New Histories of Palestine

John Day / William Robertson Smith's Hitherto Unpublished Second and Third Series of Burnett Lectures on the Religion of the Semites

Carol Smith / The Burnett Lectures Series Two and Three: William Robertson Smith as Christian and Scholar

Stefan C. Reif / William Robertson Smith in Relation to Hebraists and Jews at Christ's College, Cambridge

Section C. William Robertson Smith's International Connections and Influence

Rudolf Smend / William Robertson Smith and Julius Wellhausen

Magne Saebo / Some Problems of Writing a Research History of Old Testament Studies in the Latter Part of the Nineteenth Century--with Special Regard to the Life and Work of William Robertson Smith

Warner M. Bailey / William Robertson Smith and American Anthropology: Science, Religion and Interpretation

Section D. William Robertson Smith as Social Anthropologist

Mary Douglas / Demonology in William Robertson Smith's Theory of Religious Belief

Peter Riviere / William Robertson Smith and John Ferguson McLennan: The Aberdeen Roots of British Social Anthropology

Aleksandar Boskovik / William Robertson Smith and the Anthropological Study of Myth

Douglas Davies / William Robertson Smith and Frank Bryon Jevons: Faith and Evolution

Harriet Lutsky / Deity and the Social Bond: Robertson Smith and the Psychoanalytic Theory of Religion

Hushang Philsooph / A Reconsideration of Frazer's Relationship with Robertson Smith: The Myth and the Facts

Robert A. Segal / Smith versus Frazer on the Comparative Method

Section E. Smith as Arabist and Orientalist.

Malcolm C. Lyons/ Robertson Smith and Arabic Heroic Narrative

John F. Elwolde / The Use of Arabic in Hebrew Lexicography: Whence?, Whither?, and Why?

Jonathan Skinner / Orientalists and Orientalisms: Robertson Smith and Edward W. Said

James A. Thrower / Two Unlikely Traveling Companions: Sir Richard Burton and William Robertson Smith in Egypt 1880

William Johnstone / The Legacy of William Robertson Smith: Reading the Hebrew Bible with Arabic-Sensitized Eyes

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