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* Alexander Geddes 1737-1802: A Pioneer of Biblical Criticism (Reginald C Fuller) Paperback Book, (Almond Press, 1984) 9780907459279
* Alexander Geddes 1737-1802: A Pioneer of Biblical Criticism (Reginald C Fuller) Paperback Book, (Almond Press, 1984) 9780907459279
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Title: * Alexander Geddes 1737-1802: A Pioneer of Biblical Criticism

Author: Fuller, Reginald C

Publisher: Almond Press; Publication Date: 1984

Paperback; ISBN: 9780907459279

Volumes: 1; Pages: 186

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"Geddes was incontestably a man of great learning and independence of mind and his work as a pioneer of modern biblical scholarship is one of the greatest historical importance' (J. G. Macgregor). Yet the work of this eighteenth-century scholar is largely unknown today, though his name is often linked with the 'fragment hypothesis' of Pentateuchal composition which he initiated and which was developed by Vater. But perhaps his most significant contribution is in the field of mythology at the moment when J. G. Eichhorn was himself engaged in this development. Making full use of contemporary sources, and drawing upon hitherto unpublished material, Dr Fuller has now written the first full-scale study of this remarkable man who with courage, not unmixed with rashness, stood almost alone in his endeavours to introduce principles of literary and historical criticism into Bible study in Britain."--From the back cover

The speedy oblivion promised Geddes by contemporary critics of his writings was very nearly fulfilled. It is not hard to see why. It was the Age of the French Revolution, and Britain had resolutely turned her back on the intellectual ferment in France and the radical social changes it inspired. For good measure, this British antipathy to change extended into the field of biblical study, where the relatively new science of Higher Criticism was making steady progress, mainly in Germany and the low countries. It was this criticism which Geddes tried to introduce into Britain. The result was predictable. The academic and religious ranks were solidly closed against him. Textual Criticism might be allowed without any serious danger to the foundations of Faith. But when it came to literary and historical criticism whit threatened to overturn the traditional view of the Bible, this was a contagion to be avoided at all costs! For a long time, Geddes' work found favor only in Germany and adjacent countries.

Many of Geddes' ideas ideas have of course come to be taken for granted in modern scholarship, but the present work is the first study in depth of his writings and is a serious attempt to give Geddes his rightful place in the history of biblical criticism. At a time when British biblicists were, officially at the least, fundamentalist to the backbone, here was one scholar of critical persuasion who had the courage, indeed the temerity, to risk his reputation in the pursuit of what he conceived to be the truth.


General Editors Preface


Chapter One

Early Influences

Early Education 1744-1758

Paris 1758-1764

Ministry 1764-1780

Chapter Two

Preparing to Translate the Bible: Geddes' Textual Criticism

Chapter Three

Literary and Historical Criticism: Biblical Inspiration

The Primaeval History

The Historical Narrative

The Giving of the Law

Moral Standards in the Old Testament

Chapter Four

Origins of Geddes's Literary and Historical Criticism

Philosophical Presuppositions

The German Critical School

Eichhorn and Primitive Theology

The Mythological Interpretation

The Composition of the Pentateuch

Chapter Five

Contemporary Comment on Geddes' Biblical Criticism

Chapter Six

The Death of Mr. Geddes, Later Development of His Critical Theories

His Death

Later Development of His Critical Theories

Chapter Seven

Geddes's Place in the History of Biblical Criticism



Published Works of Geddes

Unpublished Manuscript Material

Letters Written by Geddes

Other Papers Written by Geddes

Letters and Documents about Geddes

Letters and Documents Relating to the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland

Some Contemporary Periodicals




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