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New Arrivals: Church History  (Summer 2018)
Ahrens, K G Kruger, trs & eds
Die sogenannte Kirchengeschichte des Zacharias Rhetor in deutscher Ubersetzung herausgegeben
(University of Michigan, nd )
Paperback $15.00
Condition: VG Comments: Print-on-demand reprint of the 1899 edition

Boer, Paul - John Gwynn
Hymns and Homilies of St Ephraim the Syrian
(CreateSpace, 2012)
Paperback $5.00
Condition: NF Comments: Print-on-demand edition

Brock, Sebastian P
Luminous Eye: The Spiritual Vision of Saint Ephrem the Syrian
(Cistercian Publications, 1992)
Paperback $11.00
Condition: VG

Brooke, Alan England - J Armitage Robinson (ed)
Fragments of Heracleon
(Wipf and Stock, 2004)
Paperback $12.00
Condition: NF

Buckley, Jorunn Jacobsen
Mandaeans: Ancient Texts and Modern People
(Oxford University Press, 2002)
Hardcover $25.00
Condition: GC Dust Jacket Condition: VG Comments: Remainder marks on top and bottom edges; in a very good dust jacket

Calvin, John
Commentaires bibliques: Premier epitre aux Corinthiens
(Editions Kerygma, 1996)
Hardcover $8.00
Condition: VG

Calvin, John - Francis Higman, Bernard Roussel, eds
Calvin: Oeuvres
(Gallimard, 2009)
Hardcover $20.00
Condition: NF Comments: In a slipcase

Clement of Alexandria
Instructor (Paedagogus)
(Print-on-Demand, nd )
Paperback $5.00
Condition: NF Comments: Print-on-demand edition, no information on editor or translator provided

Crossan, John Dominic
God and Empire: Jesus Against Rome, Then and Now
(HarperOne, 2007)
Hardcover $3.00
Condition: VG Dust Jacket Condition: VG Comments: In a very good dust jacket

Dawson, John David
Christian Figural Reading and the Fashioning of Identity
(University of California Press, 2002)
Hardcover $18.00
Condition: VG Comments: In a very good dust jacket

Edwards, Jonathan
Works of Jonathan Edwards (2 volume set)
(Hendrickson, 1998)
Hardcover $35.00
Condition: VG Comments: Small adhesive labels on spines

Eusebius; G A Williamson, tr
History of the Church
(Penguin Books, 1989)
Paperback $2.00
Condition: VG

Grese, William C
Corpus Hermeticum XIII and Early Christian Literature
(Brill, 1979)
Hardcover $35.00
Condition: GC Comments: Top edge of front cover scraped, frayed near crown

Grillmeier, Aloys Heinrich Bacht, SJ
Das Konzil von Chalkedon: Geschichte und Gegenwart, Volume 1
(Echter Verlag, 1951)
Paperback $35.00
Condition: GC

Grillmeier, Aloys - Heinrich Bacht, SJ
Das Konzil von Chalkedon: Geschichte und Gegenwart, Volume II
(Echter Verlag, 1951)
Paperback $35.00
Condition: GC

Halio, Hank
Ladino Reveries: Tales of the Sephardic Experience in America
(Foundation for the Advancement, 1996)
Paperback $2.00
Condition: NF

Harris, J Rendel - J Armitage Robinson, eds
Apology of Aristides on Behalf of the Christians
(Wipf and Stock, 2004)
Paperback $12.00
Condition: NF

Hathaway, Ronald F
Hierarchy and the Definition of Order in the Letters of Pseudo-Dionysius
(Martinus Nijhoff, 1969)
Paperback $35.00
Condition: FC Comments: Text creased throughout

Hoeller, Stephen A
Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing
(Quest, 2002)
Paperback $7.00
Condition: NF

Hurtado, Larry W
Earliest Christian Artifacts: Manuscripts and Christian Origins
(Wm B Eerdmans Publishing Co, 2006)
Paperback $10.00
Condition: VG

L'Huillier, Archbishop Peter
Church of the Ancient Councils: The Disciplinary Work of the First Four Ecumenical Councils
(SVS Press, 1996)
Paperback $12.00
Condition: VG

Laga, C J - A Munitiz, L Van Rompay
After Chalcedon: Studies in Theology and Church History Offered to Professor Albert Van Roey for his Seventieth Birthday
(Peeters, 1985)
Hardcover $95.00
Condition: VG Comments: Moderate wear

Lake, Kirsopp
Apostolic Fathers, volume II (Loeb Classical Library)
(Harvard University Press, 1976)
Hardcover $10.00
Condition: VG Dust Jacket Condition: VG Comments: In a very good dust jacket

Lindblom, J
Geschichte und Offenbarungen: Vorstellungen von gottlichen Weisungen und ubernaturlichen Erscheinungen im altesten Christentum
(C W K Gleerup/Lund, 1968)
Paperback $29.00
Condition: GC Comments: Moderate wear

Louth, Andrew
Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition: From Plato to Denys
(Oxford University Press, 1983)
Paperback $5.00
Condition: GC Comments: Shelfworn

MacDermot, Violet tr & ed
Fall of Sophia: A Gnostic Text on the Redempsion of Universal Consciousness
(Lindisfarne, 2001)
Paperback $8.00
Condition: NF

Malherbe, Abraham J tr
Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses
(HarperOne, 2006)
Paperback $5.00
Condition: NF

McGiffert, Arthur C
History of Christian Thought, Vol 2: The West from Tertullian to Erasmus
(Scribners, 1961)
Hardcover $3.00
Condition: FC Comments: Ex-library, ink mark through call number on spine

Meeks, Wayne A
Origins of Christian Morality: The First Two Centuries
(Yale University Press, 1993)
Hardcover $5.00
Condition: VG Dust Jacket Condition: GC Comments: Bookplate on ffep, in a good dust jacket

Muckle, J T Etienne Gilson
Story of Abelard's Adversities: A Translation with Notes of the Historia calamitatum
(Pontifical Inst of Medieval Studies, 1964)
Paperback $5.00
Condition: VG

Musurillo, Herbert, SJ
Acts of the Pagan Martyrs: Acta Alexandrinorum
(Ayer, 1988)
Hardcover $75.00
Condition: VG

Mustard Seed: The Revolutionary Teaching of Jesus the Mystic
(Element, 200 )
Paperback $3.00
Condition: VG

Pagels, Elaine H
Gnostic Paul: Gnostic Exegesis of the Pauline Letters
(Trinity Press International, 1992)
Paperback $8.00
Condition: GC

Pascal, R
Social Basis of the German Reformation: Martin Luther and his Times
(Watts and Co, 1933)
Hardcover $4.00
Condition: GC

Stauffer, Richard
Interpretes de la Bible: Etudes sur le reformateurs du XVIe siecle
(Beauchesne, 1980)
Paperback $3.00
Condition: VG

Tertullian; Peter Holmes, tr
Five Books of Quintus Sept. Flor. Tertullianus against Marcion (Ante-Nicene Library, Vol. VII)
(T & T Clark, 1909)
Hardcover $35.00
Condition: GC Comments: Rebound in green buckram; moderate wear

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